Receive Alerts, Pay Dues, View Events & Much More.


Why A HOA iCard App?

HOA'S App is truly a ground breaking mobile technology. The HOA app has many features that enhances the communication within the HOA.

Stay Connected

Having our HOA mobile app on your device allows you to feel totally connected with our HOA. Download and print forms, receive HOA alerts our use the one-touch calling to connect to our Management Company

Receive Messages

Push-notes are sent to keep members updated about changes in real time and special events


For many years, HOA’S communicate from a static website.  In many cases the site was not formatted for a mobile device, and difficult to navigate.  Our App works on all devices including Android, IOS and Windows phones.  Our app is formatted to view and receive consistently updated information

List your monthly HOA meetings, holiday celebrations or upcoming events using this feature. Your customers will be kept up-to-date and have the ability to add those events to their personal mobile phone calendar.

On the Message tab, users can select which community alert they want to receive. This feature also includes community GEO fence ability.

Users can send what they think is a community violation using this feature. Home-owners can help keep the community secure, safe and clean.


Stay in contact with your users by gathering names and email addresses directly inside your application. Integrates with several mailing-list programs


We are improving the way you communicate with us.  Pay your dues through the App.  Check out our Social Media posting of events. Sell or give away stuff to your neighbors and much more.

About Us

Display detailed information about the HOA.  This page is totally customizable at anytime.

Contact Us

Display your HOA or Management Company hours, email, directions, website and phone number. In addition, you can customize the page with your own graphics

Social Connect

Users can sync up their Facebook and Twitter accounts within your app.  It’s also a great tool for seamless activity sharing and tracking


We provide an area in which Homeowners can sell, give away or trade items.

Local Business Rewards

You have the option to offset costs by providing local business stamp-card rewards.  Your team or our team can set each stamp-card up in less than 5-minutes

Community Documents

You can view all community documents in one place and print them out when needed.  Resale Certificates, Rules and Regulations, Handbook, Architectural Review and much more.


Welcome Message From Our President

Always give a president’s report during a homeowner meeting. The president’s report is your opportunity to “play offense”, not defense by, among other things, explaining your vision for the community and how the Board’s policies are going to help achieve that vision. Be sure to prepare that report thoughtfully, using good public speaking techniques. For example, keep your report brief, well-organized, meaningful and positive.Too often the president’s report is only a short list of past achievements, maybe including some upcoming events. Although this is useful information, it shouldn’t be the core of your president’s report. Instead, your primary message should be about your vision and encouraging others to share it. Yes, even if you aren’t running for the Board again!

  • Any organization, including a homeowners association, runs best when its leader has a positive vision for the organization and motivates others to share that vision

President's Message


Our HOA App is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create a great place to call home.  Our Company is located in Windermere FL.  Fill out the form below for more details or give us a call at 407-734-3176 and find out how your HOA can get your own